1. My tooth hurts again and my lower jaw is swollen. Luckily, I don't have a fever. Be kind and visit the pharmacy. And tell me if you can call the hospital and get me an appointment.
2. She must be quite healthy by now. The other day I saw a woman who looked like Kate and I thought that this woman is definitely her. No one in town dresses as extravagantly as she does.
3. I lost a lot of weight while I was on sick leave. My trousers are too big for me, and so is my jacket. My doctor also prescribed me a diet. Since we have to wear a uniform, I will have to sew a new uniform at the atelier, which will be 2 sizes smaller.
4. You should get rid of the habit of putting your wallet and mobile phone in your trouser pocket. For this purpose, there are internal pockets of the jacket.
5. You should not have bought such shoes. You'd better change it in the store as long as you haven't worn it yet. Do you remember that Julia fell and broke her shoulder this winter? Now she always wears boots with low heels and high-quality soles.
6. What is your normal blood pressure? Let us measure your blood pressure. Unbutton your shirt sleeve and roll it up, please.
7. It was cold in the hotel despite the fact that I was in warm pajamas. I put on a hoodie over my pajamas and covered myself with two blankets, but I had a runny nose this morning.
8. I had a tooth removed yesterday. Everything was fine and because of the anesthesia I didn't feel any pain at all. But it was stuffy in the doctor's office and I could have passed out if I hadn't taken off my jumper.
9. Chris spent all his days in Helen's room, after she had a kidney transplant and survived, he brought her fresh fruit every day, and even gave her a gold ring for her birthday. They'll probably get married.
10. For sports, knitted clothing is best suited: a T-shirt and sports pants. It is better to buy light-colored clothes, since light-colored clothes often have to be washed.